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2017 Mercedes GLS SUV (2016) Review

Luxury and style with 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS

You can take advantage of luxury and style 7 seater car with the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS. The SUV will be launched with further enhancements in April 2016. The GLS class comes to replace GL. More equipment is added to the brand so that it will be far better than the past versions. There will be benefits associated with exterior design changes. You can find refinements in the cabin which include 3-spoke steering wheel, tablet-style infotainment screen and redesigned center console. It has new touchpad controller.

More refinements SUV Car

There is a revised instrument cluster. Except GLS63, all models will go for automatic upgrade from 7 speed automatic transmission to 9-speed automatic transmission. The entry level in GLS comes with advanced features. These features include 20” alloy wheels, five mode dynamic select system, intelligent LED system and command online navigation system.

GLS350d and GLS350d Sport comes 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine which produces 190kW of power and 620 Nm of torque. GLS500 retains its 4.7-liter petrol V8. There are changes in terms of the glass roof, luxury front seats, second-row seats (heated), digital TV tuner and anti-theft package.

There is a big jump in power in most of the models. GLS63 comes with twin turbo engines of 5.5 liter V8 capacity. The power grows from 20kW to 430 kW. The torque remains at 760Nm. You will also find 40:60 rear bias for all-wheel drive system. For the dynamic select system, there will be sport plus driving mode.

You can go for Mercedes-Benz GLS versions with optional features. These features include off-Road Engineering pack and Airmatic suspension. In this process, the ground clearance and wading depth is very much enhanced.

Cosmetic updates

There will be internal and external updates in the new Mercedes-Benz GLS version. There will be new front and rear bumpers with the new version.

As per the new naming convention, all the vehicles will be labeled with C, E and S as per the category. These three vehicles are most well-known vehicles in their lineup. If it is GLS, it denotes S class range. Models with top specifications come with LED headlights and models with lower spec models come with bi-xenon projector lamps.

There will be more updates than changes in the car. You can expect a new steering wheel. There will be ambient cabin light options. There will be larger air intake on sides. There will be same wavy insert on the GLE. The upper edges of grill have been refined to produce bright appearance.

Exterior dimensions

2017-2016 Mercedes GLS SUV Overview Source:

2017-2016 Mercedes GLS SUV Overview Source:

The length of the vehicle is 202 inches, width is 84.3 inches, height is 72.8 inches and wheelbase is 121 inches. The car can be individualized with paints such as Diamond white and Cardinal Red. It has comprehensive range of new wheel designs.


The company offers four drivetrains in US market. In the case of Biturbo, you can take advantage of the 3.0 liter V-6. It produces 362 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque from 1800 rpm. GLS550 is v-8 rated and it produces 455 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Thus, it is 20 ponies more than the outgoing model. The gasoline model comes with V-8. It generates 577 horsepower and 561 pound-feet from just 1,750 rpm.

Safety features


2017-2016 Mercedes GLS SUV Dashboard Source:

2017-2016 Mercedes GLS SUV Dashboard Source:

Mercedes-Benz GLS has numerous safety features. There are driver assistance features, cruise control, ESP, brake assist, pre-safe, crosswind assist and attention assist. The driver assistance package is optional. It includes pedestrian detection, cross-traffic assist, active lane keeping assist and speed limit assist. There will be improved night time vision with the help of LED intelligent light system. You can also opt for magic vision control system as per your convenience.



  • Redesigned infotainment panel
  • Better interiors and exteriors
  • New touchpad controller for better access and control
  • There is room for seven members in three rows of seats
  • Comes with leather interiors and wood
  • It has air ionization system


  • The price is marginally higher than its predecessors
  • Few cosmetic changes to enhance the appearance of the vehicle

Conclusion (Best 7-seater car)

2017-2016 Mercedes GLS SUV Leather Interior Source:

2017-2016 Mercedes GLS SUV Leather Interior Source:

Mercedes-Benz GLS has much competitors but one of the best 7 seater cars in the market. It has to overcome Cadillac Escalade and Audi Q7. It has broad powertrain lineup. The car comes with restyled exterior. Hence, more style is added. The cabin is updated in terms of design and technology. There will be better driving conditions with the option driver assist packages.

February 20, 2015

SUV Cars Guide: Which Is The Best SUV For You?

SUV cars -

Today Aussie Auto Advice  reviews the best SUV cars available on the Australian market today.

Why Buy A SUV?

SUVs offer many benefits over cars and have become more and more popular for a number of reasons:

  • Extra seating and space: the larger frame, means there is much more space inside the cabin for passengers. In addition some can accommodate up to 9 passengers, perfect for large families and those who host frequent carpools.
  • Capacity: many SUVs have space that can be used when you need to haul cargo safely inside without the danger of exposing it the weather.
  • Towing: SUVs can comfortably tow other cars, boats, caravans and larger items that a car may not be able to.
  • Handling and safety: with the increased weight, drivers of SUVs have better handling, even in harsher weather environments.

In this article we are going to help you find the best SUV according to your budget from the basic SUVs under $30,000 to the luxury SUVs over $50,000.

Budget SUV – Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 SUV,_28._Mai_2014,_D%C3%BCsseldorf.jpg

This category is often the home of the best small SUV and currently this is the case. Boasting a 4 cylinder 1.6 litre engine with an output of 160 Nm at 4250 revolutions per minute, the Peugeot 2008 is slightly smaller in terms of engine size than other SUVs in this price bracket, most of which have 2 litre engines. However due to the weight being just over a ton, the size of the engine and its power, is not an issue.

In terms of fuel consumption, the Peugeot compares favourably with similar budget SUVs and only the Suzuki S Cross performs considerably better with 5.8 km versus the 6.5 litres per 100,000 km travelled of the Peugeot.

The exterior design of the SUV, has the look of the Peugeot 208, due to the similar lines.  Again the only SUV which comes close design-wise is the Suzuki S Cross.  The dimensions of the car ensure there is ample interior (including boot) space for an SUV of this category:

  • Height 1556 mm
  • Length 4159 mm
  • Width 1739 mm

The interior of the car is also a class above it competitors.  The materials used throughout are high quality and especially noteworthy are the doors and dashboard, especially in this price of car.

The only letdowns are the outdated 4 speed gearbox and the lack of space for rear passengers. These aside the Peugeot SUV is well priced, looks good and has decent specs for an SUV in this price range.

Overall the Peugeot is the best value SUV available.


Lower Mid Range SUV – Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester SUV

The Subaru Forester is our pick of low mid-range SUVs on the market. The strength of this SUV comes from the fact that it performs consistently above average across the various categories. So although it may not be the strongest in many categories, its consistent performance puts above other SUVs in this range.

It performs particularly well in strong in terms of depreciation value, with its closest competitor being the Ford Kuga.  It drives well and handles off road journey comfortably.  Although reasonably large, parking is helped by the rear parking camera. It also performs well in terms of safety providing front and side airbags and provides cover for both seat rows using curtain airbags.  Anti-whiplash headrests provide protection in rear end collisions that cause whiplash injuries. An immobiliser ensures that the car stays parked when you leave it.

Areas where it doesn’t compare favourably are fuel consumption, insurance and the warranty.  Fuel consumption is 8.1 litres per 100,000 kilometres, especially poor when compared against Skoda Yeti’s 6.7 km, Hyundai IX35’s and the Kia Sportage Platinum’s 7.2 km.  Likewise it is in the highest insurance group along with the Hyundai IX35 and the Ford Kuga.  The warrantly is only 36 months or  999,000 km versus the Kia Sportage which offers a five year unlimited kilometre warranty.

Upper Mid Range SUV – Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe review

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a well equipped and practical SUV that comes with 7 seats.  It comes with a fuel efficient 2.2 litre turbo four cylinder engine outputting 435 Nm of torque at 1800 revolutions per minute and has a max power of max power 145 kW at 3800 revolutions per minute.  It comes with an excellent 5 year/ 999,000 kilometre warranty and you are covered for roadside assistance, if you happen to service the SUV at Hyundai dealerships.

Inside the cabin is spacious and comes with a high quality fit and finish.  There is plenty of room for luggage and passengers alike.  The support in the front seats is excellent, as is the forward visibility.  The layout of the controls in the centre is simple, but effective.  Bluetooth and USB come as standard and are a welcome addition.

The Santa Fe can be considered pricey when compared with rivals such as the Jeep Cherokee or the Toyota Kluger.  Other downsides are the manual gearbox which is not smooth and the lack of headroom when using the seats in the third row.  Additionally the ride comfort could be improved, especially when compared against the Toyota Kluga or Nissan Pathfinder.

Luxury SUV – Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne review,_10._Oktober_2011,_W%C3%BClfrath.jpg

The Porsche Cayenne oozes luxury.  The materials in the cabin are high quality and a pleasure on the eyes. The fit and finish are excellent and all of the controls perform perfectly and with precision.

All the safety and security features you would expect from a luxury SUV are available. Driver aids include stability control (to prevent skids), airbags protecting the front and side, as well as curtain airbags.

Though it is expensive to purchase and maintain, the handling is excellent and the performance provided by the 3 litre diesel turbo engine with a max torque of 550 Nm at 2000 revolutions per minute and a max power of 193 kW at 4000 revolutions per minute is top notch.  The spacious cabin is very high end and offers ample room for five.


In the end you need to decide which SUV best suits your budget and needs.  Prioritize the most important features whether they are engine power, fuel consumption, insurance or maintenance costs.  They are an extremely flexible type of vehicle and work well as a family cars or for people who need that extra space or power it provides. or Ultimately the above SUVs give you a great place to get started in deciding which SUV is truly best for you and your driving needs and requirements.