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December 9, 2016

2017 Tesla Model S 75d Review


Tesla Motors has been mass-producing electric cars since 2012. It was founded in 2003 by a team of Silicon Valley engineers who dreamed of making electric cars that are better than gasoline-powered models. Its car models offer instant torque, zero emissions, and impressive power. The company’s goal is to get the world to switch to sustainable transport. This article will give you a review of Tesla’s latest model, the 2017 Model S 75D.


The Model S 75D will give you a feel of the future. Pair your smartphone once inside, engage the gear lever (steering-column mounted), choose drive or reverse, and then the car comes to life. Most owners will find that this car is the first ever electric-powered model that they have ever driven in their life.

The lack of a drivetrain tunnel or transmission allows for more space inside. It also gives you a different sensation of acceleration, which can be difficult to describe at first, especially if you have been driving engine-powered vehicles ever since. Another interesting thing about this model is its ability to update its own software and keep it up-to-date using WiFi connectivity. You will be surprised with the new features every time there is a new update.

The Model S now has LED adaptive headlamps. The 14 LED three-position dynamic turning lights will improve the model’s overall look and your safety. It boosts the visibility at night, and help you see better on winding roads. Furthermore, the model S now has a medical-grade air filtration system (HEPA) that removes nearly 100 percent of pollution and contaminants (including bacteria and allergens) from the cabin air to protect passengers.

When it comes to handling, this model is respectable. It weighs 2,205kg, but you will not feel the weight that much. It may not be the car that you would want to bring for a mountain run, but it definitely will not disappoint when the need comes. The 19-inch wheels were enough to provide ride comfort. It does not float that much, but it is also not that hard. If you want larger wheels, which you will want to consider to make it more macho, getting the optional air suspension is not a bad idea at all.

Tesla will give you a seven-metre cable to charge your car in your garage. The immediate torque it gives might make you feel a bit sick. This car has an outright acceleration from zero to 100km/h, which the AWD can achieve in just 5.4 seconds. You will be 0.4 seconds slower with an RWD.

Add-ons and upgrades

Add-ons include the auto-pilot feature, which you can get for $3800. This option, however, is simply a software enabler because the hardware has already been installed. The premium upgrades will cost you $4500 that includes allowing the doors to auto-open. Other premium add-ons include the finish and fit refinements, the HEPA air-filtration system, LED fog lights, dynamic three-position LED turning lights, power liftgate, interior accent lighting, and the lighted door handles.


This model is not cheap. The 75D variant will cost you around $136,000 and can go as high as $144,000, plus on roads. Despite the costs, Tesla is still the leading automotive manufacturer when it comes to electric cars.

The company remains committed to making the world transition to sustainable transport, even if traditional car makers are still on top of their game. Besides, you cannot simply ignore the hundreds of years invested by these companies in making and improving traditional vehicles. The good thing about the Model S is the familiar-looking features that you will normally find in traditional cars, like the Mercedez-Benz. These include cruise control, indicator, and other features that Tesla find useful.


Tesla has been offering car buyers the opportunity to use other energy sources to drive a vehicle. Simply being able to jump in a car without needing to turn it on or off is exciting, not to mention the huge screen on the middle that looks futuristic. The main barrier for the 75D and the rest of the Model S (and X) is the price. The company does not seem to be lenient enough to reduce its price, but it only gives you the assurance that everyone will shoulder the same cost. Overall, the 2017 Model S 75D is a promising electric-powered car that aussies looking for alternative energy sources will surely find worth considering.

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2016 Lexus GS Review

Lexus GS 2016 Source:


New looks and upgrades feature from Lexus GS 2016

In the sedan type, ‘Lexus GS’ lands in Australia with new looks and upgraded features. There are few changes in its mechanism. The old engine GS250 is replaced by GS200t. it is a turbocharged engine. It comes with styling changes in the front. There are new headlights and daytime lamps as well. The tall new fog lights will ensure that you will be able to drive the car very safely in frozen areas as well. It has new RC Coupe-inspired tail-light internals. Rear bumper and exhaust finishers have revised looks. (Other available models are the GS F SPORT and GS HYBRID)

Host of changes

Lexus GS 350 2016 Overview Source:

Lexus GS 350 2016 Overview Source:

There are many minor changes through which the style of ‘Lexus GS’ is enhanced. The changes are made in the cabin as well. The steering wheel is revamped. It got a new look. There are special looks on high-grade vehicles. You can find a new clock retrofitted. The central air vent surround is arranged so that there will be better ventilation. Through metal headlights, there will be better visibility. There are remote touch switches, door trim switches, updated shift lever knob and centrally positioned rear lamp.

The turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine produces 180kW of power and 350Nm of torque. Eight-speed automatic transmission is used to send power to rear wheels. The fuel consumption rate is 8 liters per every 100 kilometers. The earlier model used to consume 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers of a journey.

Engine features

GS 200t of Lexus GS has 10-way power front seats with driver memory, 12-speaker audio system, 12-speaker audio system, third generation Lexus Remote Touch Controller, 1600kg braked towing capacity, three-mode drive mode select, eight-inch navigation display screen, electrochromic interior mirror, electronic park brake and electrochromic interior mirror.

You can monitor the engine condition and overall vehicle condition very easily through the enhanced features. It has sensors through which the tyre pressure will be monitored. The seats will be heated and ventilated to enhance your comfort level. Rain sensing wipers will ensure that you will have visibility without fail under all kinds of circumstances. 17-inch alloy wheels will give great driving experience. Automatic heated exterior mirrors with memory, smart entry and start with a smart key card, LED headlamps with automatic high beam, LED daytime running lamps and LED front fog lamps will give you great visibility.

Safety features

Lexus GS 350 2016 Interior Source:

Lexus GS 350 2016 Interior Source:

Lexus GS comes with enhanced safety features. The driver and passengers will have smooth riding experience.

All speed active cruise control, back guide monitor, blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert, clearance and rear sonar and lane keeping assist are some worthy features which will help the driver exercise better control on the vehicle. The driver will be stress-free by using the latest arrangements.

Climate, audio, phone, and navigation controls can be exercised in a better way with the new Lexus GS. There are various models in GS. You can select a model as per the budget and features required by you. Some options can be customized as per your needs.

The new version combines the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection. As a matter of fact, Lexus Enform Safety Connect has become a standard in all Lexus vehicles. The snow plow feature is incorporated through the new grille design. If you are new to Lexus versions, you can find many new features. With best fuel consumption and enhanced driving conditions, you will be able to make the most of your investment.


  • Enhanced mileage
  • Better ventilation
  • Driver-friendly features
  • Better visibility
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Safety features are very much enhanced


  • Enhancement add-on is an additional cost
  • The front end design (grill area) is chilling


Lexus GS comes with better interiors. The engine efficiency is increased. Hence, you can expect better mileage than ever before. You will be able to make the most of your time, effort and money. The car has great features so that it can be driven very safely. The driver will enjoy the stress-free driving experience. It is a great vehicle for Australian terrain. With the best grip and command on any kinds of weather and driving conditions, you can look forward to a relaxing travelling experience. Each drive can be customised as per your needs with the available five drive mode assist.

Toyota Prius C 2016

Toyota Prius C 2016 Review

Go for bigger and better Toyota Prius C 2016!

Toyota Prius is the 4th generation model and it is synonymous with hybrid motoring. The new version is enhanced in terms of appearance and fuel economy. There were earlier versions which ran on petrol and electrical energy. There is lot of improvement over the third generation model. The power unit is called the hybrid drive system. You can run the car on either petrol or electricity as per your convenience. The 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine is designed to run on petrol. Nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries are deployed to run on electrical energy.

Toyota Prius C 2016 Overview Source:

Toyota Prius C 2016 Overview. Source:

Powerful engine

The rating of Toyota Prius is 72kW and 142Nm. The power offered by electrical motor is 53KW. The new power train relies more upon batteries at higher speeds. As per the new version, the batteries will cling to the drive system up to 110 km/her and it is based on the operation of the throttle and typography of the terrain. The old version singed off from the battery at 70 km/hr. The drive mode settings were adjusted to this extent by Toyota engineers. There are three settings including normal, eco and power.

The throttle response in eco mode will be similar to the third generation of Toyota Prius. The power mode appears to be little and there is not considerable change from the earlier version. The mileage recorded with the 3rd generation model was 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers. It was 5.4 was liters per 100 kilometers with the new version. The drive train will be disassociated in a much quieter way than the earlier versions.

You can exercise more control and precision than the predecessor. There will be less body role at corners. There is better response from the steering. The direction changes can be done very quickly.

Comfort level

In spite of the significant change in the rear suspension, there is no change in the comfort level. However, there was little improvement in the control of the body. There is better raking experience and pedal feel with the new model. There are major changes in the cabin so that the comfort level is enhanced. The cabin comes with high quality finish and more space is available than the older version.

You can notice very nice look and feel of the dashboard. The steering wheel design is enhanced. There are great improvements in the storage front. These improvements include bigger door pockets and better cup holders. There is larger boot space (502 liters). As there is extra large leg room, the rear seat space has increased. These changes are accomplished without making any change to the overall wheelbase.

Leaner and more luxurious

Toyota Prius C 2016 Dashboard Source:

Toyota Prius C 2016 Dashboard. Source:

With its rich cabin improvements and improvement in boot space, the car offers luxurious features without any difficulty. There will be more engaging and better drive features with the new version. The quiet performance of the car will let you make the most of your time, effort and money. The first impressions of the car are positive. There is significant drop in fuel usage. Because of the positioning of the battery packs, 10% additional space is added for cargo. High-resolution LCD screens, stylized air vents and glossy white highlights are some worthy features in the new Toyota Prius.


  • Fuel economy
  • Hybrid drive system (petrol and electrical energy)
  • Disassociation of drive train is very quiet
  • More precision and control than the predecessor
  • Provides obedient response
  • Better raking response and pedal feel


  • Power is compromised for fuel economy
  • The layout is intrusive. Hence, tall persons should be little watchful to enter the cabin.
  • Back seats are difficult to occupy (especially for taller people)
Toyota Prius C 2016 Interior

Toyota Prius C 2016 Interior. Source:

The new Toyota Prius will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2016. The price and other particulars are not yet revealed. The information presented is based on the test ride taken place in Japan. The car maker has described the new version as ‘a beautiful car for a beautiful Earth’. With its hybrid engine, users will have great flexibility to run on either petrol or electricity. Thus, you can contribute to the green technologies. Even though there is little compromise on the power, the fuel saving proportion should be appreciated. The inner cabin has changed and there will be more space for occupants. Even though tall persons might find some difficulty to get into the car, it is possible to have great riding experience. The body control is enhanced through new rear suspension. You can take curves very easily by using the new generation vehicle.

Honda NSX 2016

New Generation Honda NSX (2016 Model)

Honda NSX 2016

Honda NSX 2016

The new Honda NSX is being introduced as a unique blend of performance, strength and sport. This supercar has been developed by Honda in the sports category and is bound to give the sports driver an ultimate experience in terms of design, intuitive driving and power. Its hybrid nature power unit is destined to make it a popular choice for its buyers. The NSX which stands for New Sports car Experimental has come a long way from its predecessors.

As a part of its global recovery plan, Honda has recently announced that the NSX Hybrid supercar originally launched in the US will be soon out for delivery in the Australian supercar market as well. Although there has reportedly been a significant delay in this step as there was a developmental change in the engine layout of the car. Originally, the manufacturer planned to fit a transverse mounted V6 engine in the car, which was later replaced by a north-south engine which will finally be the power hub of the new generation Honda NSX to be launched in Australia. As per the plan, the company sticks to its announcement of introducing the wonder super car in Australia in 2016.

The New Honda NSX will revitalise the entire brand and will be a showcase of the hybrid technology being brought in by Honda. As compared to its first ancestor, the 1980 Japanese supercar original NSX, the all new 2016 NSX has an incredible change in the performance and interior appearance.

Striking Exteriors

With distinct and sharp lines, the new generation Honda NSX exudes a muscular and menacing look. The sports car comes in a palette of exciting colours and buyers can end up feeling ecstatic riding the all new Honda NSX.

The hybrid engine

The new Honda NSX’s power train is inspired by the Porsche 918 Spyder, though it has some unique features of its own too. A twin cylinder turbocharged 3.5 litre V6 petrol engine sits behind the passenger cabin longitudinally and produces 373 kW and 550 Nm torque.

An in-house automatic transmission developed by Honda is also fitted which is nine-speed dual clutch. This is the main factor that reduces lag and immediately delivers power to the rear wheels.

There is a lithium ion battery pack that sits in the chassis and powers the individual 73Nm electric motor residing each in the front wheel and making them more powerful. This enables pure electric controlled operation at low speeds and also delivers an enjoyable all-four wheel drive and adequate torque vectoring.

Delivering a total output of 427kW and 646Nm, the Honda NSX has been interestingly engineered to give a power packed performance. As the driver speeds up, the change in speed is easily accommodated and the car’s digital speedometer seems to lag behind the actual speed rising up swiftly. Even at a high 180km/l drive, the NSX manages to stay calm and settled, allowing the driver to comfortably navigate up to the ninth gear. Be it plain or steep roads, the new Honda hybrid NSX moves smoothly with the help of front motors effectively pulling on.

Honda NSX-2016 Interior

Soothing interiors

All lined up with leather and Alcantara, the NSX is beautifully done in every nook and corner from the inside with a royal touch. Body hugging seats give utmost comfort to driver as well as passengers. Amazing driver visibility leaves a clear front vision through the car’s broad window screen.

Honda NSX-2016 Interior

Estimated Costs

As spoken by the Honda Australia Sales Head Stephen Collins, the specialised super car that is much awaited in Australia is going to touch the country by second half of 2016. The petrol electric hybrid car has not yet revealed its actual pricing, but it is estimated to be in the price tag under $200,000.

Honda customers who are eyeing the supercar hybrid Honda NSX can have the full advantage of its smooth transmission, high performance at top speed adventure levels. Honda has tried to create a very special experience for its buyers through the 2016 Honda NSX which has almost re-born to work up beyond expectations for sports racing events. One will definitely want to upgrade to this super power car for a thrill.

April 14, 2015

Best Electric Cars for Sale in Australia

Best Electric Car Australia

It is certainly true that the world has gone digital and Australia hasn’t been immune to the change. Now, the country is filled with many electric cars, which have some tremendous benefits.

Still, it is a good idea to get to know a little about the electric car, before you move on and begin looking for an electric vehicle that you will get you around down under.

Best Electric Car Australia

What is an Electric Car?


It is certainly true that there are enormous advantages to the electric car, but many people truly don’t understand this type of vehicle. They may have a basic overview and understand that the vehicle primarily runs on electricity, but they’re actually more complicated than that. In actuality, the vehicle is equipped with an electric motor and battery, which is recharged by an energy source. There is major differential between electric and hybrid vehicles. The latter is capable of working on petrol or electric, while the straight electric vehicle cannot.


Many people will wonder how far can you travel in this type of car. The truth is that the different models can travel different distances. Obviously, the cheapest model will not travel as far. Surprisingly, it is possible for a few of these vehicles to be driven over 400 kilometers, before a recharge is needed, but most are capable of mileages under 200 kilometers per charge.


So exactly how do you charge one of these vehicles? Although it is possible to charge your vehicle from home, there are also charging stations throughout Australia, where you can charge your vehicle. There are a few individual charging stations in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, with several others being planned. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a place to charge your car in the country. Below, you will discover some of the best electric vehicles available in Australia.


The 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEVMitsubishi has brought out all of the stops to provide Aussies with this awesome electric car. It is completely petrol free and operated entirely on electricity. Australians will love the fact that the vehicle is 100% electric, but rest assured no tailpipe emission will be released to ensure the country remains beautiful and free of harmful chemicals.


In order to keep you safe, the vehicle is equipped with six individual airbags. The active stability control, ASC, is capable of tracking each of the tire’s grips on the road. If one of the tires begins to slip, the anti-lock braking system will trigger and help to ensure that your vehicle stays on the road.

The battery can be charged with two unique cables, including 8 amps or 12 amps. The 12 amps will ensure that your vehicle is charged in 14 hours, while the 8 amps can charge it in 22 hours. It is possible to transport four individuals in the 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV, with total convenience.


The Nissan LEAF

The 2015 Nissan LEAF is actually available in three individual models. The LEAF is completely electric, including the drive train and the Lithium-Ion battery. Again, you will be able to protect the Land Down Under with this vehicle, Nissan Leafsince it will not emit any CO emissions. In fact, the vehicle isn’t even equipped with a tailpipe!


In general, the vehicle is capable of taking you 136 kilometers on a single charge. By pressing the appropriate button on your Nissan Intelligent Key, you’ll be able to access the vehicle’s charging port. In fact, the key can be used for a variety of different purposes, including locking and unlocking the doors, as well as starting the engine.

The Nissan LEAF is equipped with many conveniences including the dynamic control system, traction control system and even a tire pressure monitoring system.


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model SIt is hard to deny that Tesla often leads the way in the electric vehicle. The Tesla Model S is equipped with all-wheel drive, but it is the autopilot mode that will blow the minds of Australians.

With these capabilities, the vehicle, which is 100% electric, uses a camera, radar and sonar sensors to automatically drive, or pilot, the vehicle. In fact, the vehicle can change lanes and even pull off the dreaded parallel parking for you!

With the Tesla Model S, it is possible to charge up your vehicle at home, or on the go. With a single hour of charging, it is possible to obtain approximately 100 kilometres, when using the Type 2 connector. When charging in a domestic setting, you will generally obtain around 40 kilometres per every charging hour.


The Tesla Roadster 

The Tesla Roadster finally touched down in Australia in 2010. Aussies will be able to find total convenience with this vehicle, since the plug can be hooked up to nearly outlet. With this possibility, it is possible to charge the vehicle, The Tesla Roadsterregardless of your location. Surprisingly, this is one of the best vehicles, when it comes to charge distance. On a single charge, it is estimated that the vehicle will be able to travel a distance of nearly 400 kilometres.


The Roadster is equipped with an electric powertrain, which gives the driver total control. With a custom tuned suspension, which is optional, the driver can control the vehicle’s handling with ease. If you’re looking for a Tesla electric car, this is certainly a suitable option!


BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a suitable BMW electric car for all Australians. It is equipped with comfortable seats, which give the passengers the ability to view the entire landscape, while enjoying the ride. The vehicle is 100% electric, including BMW-i3the motor and lithium-ion battery. Still, the car is powerful and can quickly transform from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds!

The BMW i3 is capable of providing Aussies with a few days of transportation, before a recharge is needed. 130-160 km is possible for a single charge. Of course, there are a few accessories that can help extend the distance of a single charge.


Chevy Spark

The Chevy Spark EV was actually introduced to the world at an Australian auto show. The vehicle is certainly affordable, since it will only cost around 33,000 AUD. In terms of distance, the vehicle is capable of getting the Chevrolet Sparkaverage Aussie back and forth to work on a single charge. It is estimated that this electric car is capable of traveling for approximately 130 kilometres on a single charge.


Unfortunately, the vehicle might not be suitable for longer trips, but it is certainly fun for a ride around Sydney or Melbourne. The biggest advantage of this vehicle is the possibility of charging up to 80% in just 20 minutes!


Kia Soul EV

The Kia Soul EV is the first Kia electric car, which has been made available worldwide. The exterior design of the vehicle is super stylish and will look excellent driving down the road, whether you’re in Canberra or Sydney. With Kia Soul EVthis one, the driver will gain total control over the vehicle and will have plenty of driving time, since a single charge is capable of powering the vehicle for 200 km.


Of course, Australians should rest assured knowing the vehicle is entirely electric and puts off zero CO2 emissions. Despite the electric motor, the vehicle can drive up to 145 KPH. The inside design is comfortable and provides room for four or five passengers.



All of the above-mentioned vehicles are excellent electric cars for the average Australian. Whether you’re attempting to protect the environment, or cutback on petrol costs, you’ll be able to do so, with these electric vehicles. Just take your time and choose the one that suits your needs the best, before laying down you money.


Electric Cars Australia: Fuel Efficient Car Guide

Introduction to Fuel Efficient Cars: Electric and Hybrid

The future of the automotive industry has arrived in the form of electric and hybrid vehicles.  In a time of awareness to the environmental threats of the classic combustion engine, these alternatives have been widely adopted.  There was a time when Hydrogen Cars seemed poised to enter the market, but it did not experience the same success.  This guide will help you understand the difference between electric and hybrid vehicles and also tell you the best option in each category.

The most fuel efficient cars are electric vehicles.  They are powered by electric motors using energy stored in batteries.  The concept of electric cars began in the 1880s but they were not widely accepted until the early 2000s.  The potential for this technology came with the invention of the rechargeable battery.  The number of mass produced highway capable electric vehicles is nearing 50 and they are disrupting the market.  Many countries are offering benefits to citizens who purchase these vehicles as pollution and resource consumption is becoming a looming issue.

 Hybrids were widely adopted sooner than the all electric vehicles.  They contain a dual transmission that is capable of running an electric motor or a combustion engine.  The car is able to seamlessly alternate between the two options depending on the demand that is placed on the vehicle.  Hybrid vehicles commonly offer a 20%-40% efficiency advantage to standard vehicles.  Hybrids do not yield the same environmental benefits as electric.

Best Electric Car

Tesla Model S, A$96,208


The Tesla Model S the crown for the best electric car.  No other electric car in Australia was even close in this race.  It is manufactured by Tesla Motors in California.  Don’t think of this car as an electric tree-hugging vehicle.  It is more of a luxury sports car that just happens to be electric.  It delivers world class performance with un-matched handling and jet-like acceleration.  The ride is comfortable, offering 5 seats and an optional third row for small children.  This allows the car to sit 7 in total.

The Tesla grabs your eye from the beginning.  The flush aluminum door-handle welcomes you with a touch causing them to pop-out and welcome you inside.  Once you enter the interior you are drawn to the 17-inch display that houses all of the controls.  With a simple push to start you now in control of one of the best sports cars even built.

The Tesla battery puts the vehicle in a class of its own.  Unlike other electric cars, its range is in the hundreds of kilometers instead of the dozens.  The 85 kWh battery boasts a range of 502 km.  The range does vary in different temperatures as the cold dissipates the energy causing shorter ranges.  The battery can even plug into standard outlets, although the charges process is not as quick as the manufacturer’s recommended hook up. A full charge cycle takes 12 hours.  A full charge costs about $12 assuming the national average electricity rate.  This makes the running costs exceptionally low and the end result is one of the most fuel efficient cars ever.

The Model S powertrain is so silent that you will not believe it is produces the acceleration and torque that it does.  The car goes from 0-100km/h in just 5.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 225 km/hr.  The handling reacts just as you would expect it, not being too touchy.  The car comes standard with alloy wheels and air suspension.  The car also has 2 regenerative brakes that convert the braking energy into charge.  It has 2 settings for this brake.  One setting applies the brake as you take your foot off of the acceleration pedal.  The other setting does not automatically apply the brake.

 In addition to performance the Model S also delivers in safety.  The vehicle is equipped with knee airbags for the front seat in addition to standard front, torso, and curtain air-bags.  It delivered some of the best results in crash testing that have ever been recorded.  It received a 5-star rating and is the best car ever tested in America.

 The car comes with an un-matched 8-year, infinite mile warranty.  This covers the drive-train and battery.  In addition, Tesla guarantees re-sale value and will even buy the car back from you based on their depreciation calculations.  This means that you can completely understand your financial investment upfront if you have plans of trading in the car.

In summary, the Tesla is simply the best electric car available.  If you can overcome the price tag you will not regret this decision.

 Best Hybrid Car

Lexus RX 450h, A$84,600


The Lexus RX 450h is the hybrid counterpart of the more popular RX 450h.  It is a bold and stylish luxury SUV that will definitely turn heads.  It incorporates Hybrid Technology that increases its efficiency to a competitive level.  The hybrid engine does sacrifice a bit of performance relative to a pure combustions, but the tradeoff is worth it.

From the outside, the vehicle is nothing short of gorgeous.  Notably, the headlights boast a variable lighting system that automatically adjust to ensure they are pointing in the right direction.  The dramatic front grill is striking, composed from an aggressive mesh aluminum.  The car sits on-top of 19” alloy wheels finished in a dark grey.

The Lexus Hybrid Technology incorporates an electric motor and a 3.5 L V6 Atkinson Cycle Petrol engine.  The engine delivers a maximum of 183 kW of power at 6,000 rpm.  This is definitely not shabby and will provide you with more than you need from your hybrid.  To complement the power, the SUV is efficient.  With a fuel consumption of 6.3L / 100 km you will be hard-pressed to find less thirsty SUV.

The 50kW electric motor powers the electric four-wheel drive system (E-Four).  The E-Four saves fuel by only using 4-wheel drive when needed.  During acceleration it only drives the rear wheels.  If additional traction is needed the system adjusts to compensate for your needs.  The power train also features regenerative braking, meaning you don’t need to charge the electric battery.  The four-wheel system captures dissipated heat and converts it into power.

In terms of safety, the car delivers.  Front passengers are protected by front knee and side airbags.  Both front and rear passengers are also protected by curtain bags.  The vehicle also did well in American crash testing, but performed under the Model S benchmark.

The warranty duration is 48 months or 100,000 kms.  The warranty leaves more to be desired, especially considering that it is a hybrid vehicle.  Hybrids are more complex to repair meaning there is most likely higher costs incurred.

In summary, the Lexus RX 450h is the best hybrid car available.  Though it is not as efficient as electric, it offers more flexibility to the user without the hassle of a limited range.  If you need long-distance driving this SUV is for you.