April 14, 2015

Best Electric Cars for Sale in Australia

Best Electric Car Australia

It is certainly true that the world has gone digital and Australia hasn’t been immune to the change. Now, the country is filled with many electric cars, which have some tremendous benefits.

Still, it is a good idea to get to know a little about the electric car, before you move on and begin looking for an electric vehicle that you will get you around down under.

Best Electric Car Australia

What is an Electric Car?


It is certainly true that there are enormous advantages to the electric car, but many people truly don’t understand this type of vehicle. They may have a basic overview and understand that the vehicle primarily runs on electricity, but they’re actually more complicated than that. In actuality, the vehicle is equipped with an electric motor and battery, which is recharged by an energy source. There is major differential between electric and hybrid vehicles. The latter is capable of working on petrol or electric, while the straight electric vehicle cannot.


Many people will wonder how far can you travel in this type of car. The truth is that the different models can travel different distances. Obviously, the cheapest model will not travel as far. Surprisingly, it is possible for a few of these vehicles to be driven over 400 kilometers, before a recharge is needed, but most are capable of mileages under 200 kilometers per charge.


So exactly how do you charge one of these vehicles? Although it is possible to charge your vehicle from home, there are also charging stations throughout Australia, where you can charge your vehicle. There are a few individual charging stations in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, with several others being planned. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a place to charge your car in the country. Below, you will discover some of the best electric vehicles available in Australia.


The 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEVMitsubishi has brought out all of the stops to provide Aussies with this awesome electric car. It is completely petrol free and operated entirely on electricity. Australians will love the fact that the vehicle is 100% electric, but rest assured no tailpipe emission will be released to ensure the country remains beautiful and free of harmful chemicals.


In order to keep you safe, the vehicle is equipped with six individual airbags. The active stability control, ASC, is capable of tracking each of the tire’s grips on the road. If one of the tires begins to slip, the anti-lock braking system will trigger and help to ensure that your vehicle stays on the road.

The battery can be charged with two unique cables, including 8 amps or 12 amps. The 12 amps will ensure that your vehicle is charged in 14 hours, while the 8 amps can charge it in 22 hours. It is possible to transport four individuals in the 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV, with total convenience.


The Nissan LEAF

The 2015 Nissan LEAF is actually available in three individual models. The LEAF is completely electric, including the drive train and the Lithium-Ion battery. Again, you will be able to protect the Land Down Under with this vehicle, Nissan Leafsince it will not emit any CO emissions. In fact, the vehicle isn’t even equipped with a tailpipe!


In general, the vehicle is capable of taking you 136 kilometers on a single charge. By pressing the appropriate button on your Nissan Intelligent Key, you’ll be able to access the vehicle’s charging port. In fact, the key can be used for a variety of different purposes, including locking and unlocking the doors, as well as starting the engine.

The Nissan LEAF is equipped with many conveniences including the dynamic control system, traction control system and even a tire pressure monitoring system.


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model SIt is hard to deny that Tesla often leads the way in the electric vehicle. The Tesla Model S is equipped with all-wheel drive, but it is the autopilot mode that will blow the minds of Australians.

With these capabilities, the vehicle, which is 100% electric, uses a camera, radar and sonar sensors to automatically drive, or pilot, the vehicle. In fact, the vehicle can change lanes and even pull off the dreaded parallel parking for you!

With the Tesla Model S, it is possible to charge up your vehicle at home, or on the go. With a single hour of charging, it is possible to obtain approximately 100 kilometres, when using the Type 2 connector. When charging in a domestic setting, you will generally obtain around 40 kilometres per every charging hour.


The Tesla Roadster 

The Tesla Roadster finally touched down in Australia in 2010. Aussies will be able to find total convenience with this vehicle, since the plug can be hooked up to nearly outlet. With this possibility, it is possible to charge the vehicle, The Tesla Roadsterregardless of your location. Surprisingly, this is one of the best vehicles, when it comes to charge distance. On a single charge, it is estimated that the vehicle will be able to travel a distance of nearly 400 kilometres.


The Roadster is equipped with an electric powertrain, which gives the driver total control. With a custom tuned suspension, which is optional, the driver can control the vehicle’s handling with ease. If you’re looking for a Tesla electric car, this is certainly a suitable option!


BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a suitable BMW electric car for all Australians. It is equipped with comfortable seats, which give the passengers the ability to view the entire landscape, while enjoying the ride. The vehicle is 100% electric, including BMW-i3the motor and lithium-ion battery. Still, the car is powerful and can quickly transform from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds!

The BMW i3 is capable of providing Aussies with a few days of transportation, before a recharge is needed. 130-160 km is possible for a single charge. Of course, there are a few accessories that can help extend the distance of a single charge.


Chevy Spark

The Chevy Spark EV was actually introduced to the world at an Australian auto show. The vehicle is certainly affordable, since it will only cost around 33,000 AUD. In terms of distance, the vehicle is capable of getting the Chevrolet Sparkaverage Aussie back and forth to work on a single charge. It is estimated that this electric car is capable of traveling for approximately 130 kilometres on a single charge.


Unfortunately, the vehicle might not be suitable for longer trips, but it is certainly fun for a ride around Sydney or Melbourne. The biggest advantage of this vehicle is the possibility of charging up to 80% in just 20 minutes!


Kia Soul EV

The Kia Soul EV is the first Kia electric car, which has been made available worldwide. The exterior design of the vehicle is super stylish and will look excellent driving down the road, whether you’re in Canberra or Sydney. With Kia Soul EVthis one, the driver will gain total control over the vehicle and will have plenty of driving time, since a single charge is capable of powering the vehicle for 200 km.


Of course, Australians should rest assured knowing the vehicle is entirely electric and puts off zero CO2 emissions. Despite the electric motor, the vehicle can drive up to 145 KPH. The inside design is comfortable and provides room for four or five passengers.



All of the above-mentioned vehicles are excellent electric cars for the average Australian. Whether you’re attempting to protect the environment, or cutback on petrol costs, you’ll be able to do so, with these electric vehicles. Just take your time and choose the one that suits your needs the best, before laying down you money.