Hey I’m  Marcus Hooley an automotive enthusiast. I mean, there are many of us who has a passion for cars. But as for me, my life generally revolves around cars! My dad primarily owns a repair and auto restoration business. It’s not like the fancy car restoration businesses today which the main focus is art. My dad’s was more old school and rather technical. When I was little he would bring me with him for test drives, it’s funny that as a kid what I remember are not the sunsets or ice cream I ate during those trips. What I remember is the smell and feel of a newly reupholstered seat, the luster of bright red paint and how the sky reflects on the hood, and the rush of energy I feel with the sound of the engine. Unfortunately my father wasn’t able to live long enough to teach me and I was too young to really know if it’s the career I want to have.


Life went on and I took up architecture, my eye for details probably influenced that choice. There is where I met my best bud Leo Edgell, the best person I know next to my dad who’s a supreme car lover. He introduced me back to the world of automotive neverland. If we weren’t digging our heads on drawing tables, we’re found at his garage. It was home, the garage that is. My first car was a 1991 Mercury Capri 2 Dr XR2 a two door convertible type, we modified it and it was sweet! And life got sweeter when I have Alannah and my son beside me for a drive. She is Leo’s sister who is now my loving wife. I won’t go into details of how it happened, but she is a better driver than me, and almost as obsessed with cars like us.


The three of us and more of our friends collaborate from time to time and gather at The Garage. We sometimes offer services to family and friends for modifications and go on trips around the world for car shows. But I feel like we don’t need to isolate ourselves with all the fun to ourselves and this brought about the idea of this blog. AussieAutoAdvice.com aims to be the online garage we call home where we can share advice and tips to our mates out there, reach out to the world and learn more. We are open for ideas and suggestions, any queries about cars are most welcome! You may reach us at our site’s Contact Us. So I hope you stick around…talk to you soon!