Best 7 Seater Cars In Australia for 2015, 2016 & 2017

Last Updated 14th September, 2016

Best 7 Seater Cars 2016

MakeModelBest Features
Audi Q7Elegant but pricier seven-seater SUV provides luxury, comfort & performance; comes in fuel-efficient diesel & petrol engines; features decorated interiors with multi-media interface for better road maneuvers
Citroen Grand C4 Picasso1850L capacity 7-seater with almost van-like space inside without the bulky image; futuristic design with attractive features typical of Citroen models; fuel efficient diesel engine with low carbon dioxide emissions
Kia CarnivalAffordable 7-seater with low operational & maintenance cost yet retains that spacious feel; reliable, comfortable and easy to drive on the road; offers an extra seat to allow for eight passengers
Hyundai Santa FeOffers style combined with comfort and comes with a 2.2L diesel engine in manual transmission; among the most affordable models that reaches a 47 mpg max vs its automatic counterpart; good for transporting the family but has lesser space at the back
Nissan X-Trail SUV comes with a 128bhp, 1.6L diesel engine with up to 60mpg power; boasts of large interior space with a huge 445-litre boot space; quite heavy for this category
BMW X5High end longer and wider 7-seater SUV with sleek, well-engineered and reliable engine; includes premium luxury features like the BMW brand with engine options; equipped with turbocharged diesel engine reaching 100km/hr from starting in just 6.9 seconds
Land RoverDiscovery 4Popular with families looking for maximum seat and storage space; occupants have an excellent view of the road; 3.0L diesel engine SUV is great for long distances and has towing capabilities that few SUVs can match
Ford S-MAXCombination of sports utility with sleek luxury in a unique shape; easier to navigate on twisty roads due to its direct steering; has several engine options but has cramped 3rd row seats
Volvo XC90Holds an excellent record of performance, maintains stability & comfort and ideal for long distance rides; has ample room for third-row seats & an enormous boot for luggage; its 2.4L D5 engine reaches up to 34.4 mpg
Renault Grand ScenicFeatures additional interior space for 7 people; total area of space is 2,063 litres with rear seats folded down; 1.5L diesel engine has power of up to 68.9mpg

Large families especially need seven seater cars to accommodate every member comfortably, and they are also ideal if you require carrying extra passenger space occasionally or if you are looking for a vehicle with a larger interior. There are several 7 seater cars on the market each offering unique style and functionality, and while they might not be sports cars, long gone are the days of clunky people carriers, modern seven-seaters are both stylish and highly functional. There are a huge array of vehicles to choose from, and selecting which model that best serves your needs can be daunting.

Here then is a succinct guide to the best 7 seater cars on the Australian market for 2016.

Audi Q7



The Audi Q7 is an elegant seven-seater SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) offering luxury, comfort and performance. It is an excellent choice if you are also considering a car that enhances your image, and the Audi Q7 comes in diesel and petrol engines that are both highly fuel-efficient. It also offers an environmentally-friendly fuel option to lower the emissions of nitrogen oxide, and features decorated interiors with a multi-media interface for better control on the road. The Audi Q7 may be a pricier option but is well worth considering.

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso



The Citroen Grand C4 Picasso is an excellent choice if you are looking for extra load space in addition to seven seats. It has near van-like space inside while avoiding the bulky image that many vans have. It has a futuristic design with eye catching features that have made it a popular choice for car buyers, and comes with a fuel efficient diesel engine with significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions per kilometre than most standard 7-seaters. All its passenger seats are foldable should you need space to carry large loads, which is impressive considering it has capacity for over a thousand eight hundred and fifty litres.

Kia Carnival

The Kia Carnival is perhaps one of the few 7 seater cars Australia has really fallen in love with. It is an affordable model and has low costs of operation and maintenance, which places it a notch higher than most of the other competing models, yet retains a spacious feel and is a reliable, comfortable and easy to drive. It also offers an extra seat bringing the number of seats to eight should you need it. The Kia Carnival is an excellent choice if you are looking for one of the most affordable yet reliable 7 seater cars on the market.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe offers style combined with comfort. It comes with a 2.2 litre diesel engine, and the manual transmission model can reach a maximum of 47 mpg with its automatic counterpart managing 41 mpg. The car is one of the most affordable 7 seater cars for sale on the market today and is a serious contender for any 7-seater purchasing decision. The Santa Fe also comes with a five-year warranty which offers additional peace of mind, one minor flaw customers have commented on is the slightly less space for the rear seats which comes into play especially if travelling longer distances. Otherwise though the Santa Fe for everyday family transportation is a solid option.

Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is the only Nissan brand seven-seater SUV after the Nissan Qashqai was discontinued. It comes with a 128bhp, 1.6 litre diesel engine that reaches up to 60mpg, however the car is quite heavy and would have been better with more power. The Nissan X-Trail’s forte is it boasts a large interior space with a massive 445-litre boot remaining after all seven seats have been put in place, enough for even the most demanding space requirements of your 7-seater car.


The BMW X5 is a luxury end 7-seater SUV that has been well received across Europe and Australia. The car is sleek, well-engineered and reliable, and its latest version released in 2014 is longer and wider than its predecessors. It is also stable and contains premium luxury features synonymous with the BMW brand. There are three engine options from which you can choose. If you are a speed enthusiast, its turbocharged diesel engine can reach a 100km/hr from starting in a matter of 6.9 seconds, with the vehicle’s off-road performance being equally impressive. The BMW X5 is an upper market choice and represents an enviable combination of style and function.

Land Rover Discovery 4

The Land Rover has also always been popular with families seeking maximum seat and storage space, and the Discovery 4 model combines this history of excellence with comfort and power. The interiors are spacious and all; the occupants have an excellent view of the road and long gone are the days of Land Rover’s still memorable box-like design. Slightly unfortunate is the choice of 3.0 litre diesel engine which isn’t as powerful as it could, however the engine is strong enough to give the Discovery great off the road capabilities. It is a great car for long distances and has towing capabilities that few SUVs can match.

Ford S-MAX

The Ford S-MAX combines sports utility with sleek luxury to create a car that is fun to drive. It has a unique shape; a hidden chassis and a lean body cut. However, the sporty styling reduces much of the interior space and makes the third row noticeably more cramped than most of its competitors. It also has direct steering making it easier to navigate twisty roads. There are several engine options that you can choose from, and all in all it is a pretty quick model on the road and a good choice for those who are after a good-looking 7 seater car.

Volvo XC90

Volvo’s XC90 was introduced in 2003 and has changed little over the years, a fair decision as it holds an excellent record of performance year after year, and has set the pace for new competing seven seater cars introduced later. It is stable, comfortable, and ideal for long distances. There is ample room in the back for the third-row seats and an enormous boot for the luggage. The seats are supportive and comfortable, and tt retains its legacy of being extremely safe and stable on the road. One drawback is its 2.4 litre D5 engine which only reaches up to 34.4 mpg, which for 2015 is on the sluggish side, and similarly it has a poor economy rating. A new XC90 model is on the way and is expected to have better capabilities.

Renault Grand Scenic

This Grand Scenic is the eagerly awaited improvement of the Renault Scenic, featuring added interior space to carry seven people against five for its predecessor. It has a spacious total area of 2,063 litres when the rear seats have been folded down, and its 1.5 litre diesel engine has powerful capabilities of up to 68.9mpg. It has a solid build quality and is great to travel in. The only thing some buyers may think twice about is if you are looking to beat the free road tax, in which case the Renault Grand Scenic may be a less practical choice for you as it has carbon dioxide emissions of over 100g per kilometre. It is also often reported to be less practical and reliable compared to many other 7 seater cars for sale.

More Australian 7 Seater Cars

Ford Territory

This family SUV remains in the $40,000 price range, which is a fairly decent price for a midsize luxurious minivan. The backseats are easily accessible due to its 5-door feature, giving lots of additional space for a cabin.

Holden Captiva

First launched in 2006, the Korean-made Captiva quickly made its reputation as a 7-seater SUV better than the Isuzu Frontera or Commodore Adventra. Buyers can choose between a 5-seater and a 7-seater and between a two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The Captiva can also be converted from a petrol gas to a diesel-powered engine.

Honda Odyssey

Coming from the reputable Japanese carmaker, Honda Odyssey exudes engine performance, style, and interior. This 7-seater is powered by the 173-horsepower 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine which is fairly fuel-efficient especially in city driving. The style combines that of a minivan and a car without overemphasizing the grille and the skirts. Lastly, the interior has spacious headroom and legroom for three people on the third room, something that is rare among other family SUVs.

Kia Sorento

At first glance, Kia Sorento offers elegance and functionality ideal for city driving. The size is smaller compared to other midsized SUVs, though it has an option for a third-row seating. The 290-horsepower V6 four-cylinder engine is responsive and fuel efficient.

Nissan Dualis

Nissan Dualis belongs one of the strongest brands of family SUVs. Dualis first entered the Australian market in 2007. Even if the current retail price has dropped to $10,000, old models might still be a good purchase. The interior of this 7-seater car is slightly smaller than the X-Trail’s. However, the 2.5-liter engine and a six-speed for manual and two-pedal options make it attractive for new buyers.

Nissan Pathfinder

This midsized SUV can seat up to seven people; albeit the second and third rows may be tighter than other carmakers’ models. The 3.5-liter V6 engine allows variable transmission at any acceleration rate. The cabin is fairly spacious which makes up for the cramped legroom allowance on the second and third rows.

Range Rover Sport

Manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover initially in 2013, the Range Rover Sport is oozing with the British luxurious appeal. Almost all surfaces are dressed in tailor-fit leather adding to the masculine yet classy interior ambience. This 7-seater SUV can haul 784 liters of luggage, great for family trips and outdoor adventures.

The Range Rover’s high performance speed gives an accelerated advantage up to 62 mph than other SUVs or sports car. The seats are perfect for babies or toddlers complete with fully-cushioned mattresses and safety belts. It makes bumpy rides a breeze.

Toyota Kluger Grande

As always, Toyota offers the best value for money without compromising quality and longevity. Similar to Hyundai Santa Fe, the Kluger Grande is powered by a V6 engine and has a two-wheel drive option.

7 Seater SUV Buying Guide

Sport-utility vehicles are becoming more popular than ever before largely attributed to convenient financing scheme on car dealership. SUVs are also preferable as a family vehicle as opposed to small cars or trucks. It is important to get a good grasp of information on what to look for in an ideal SUV that would suit your needs and preferences.

Types of SUV

There are different types of SUV depending on size and purpose. Carmakers also tend to re-manufacture old models with new features to cater new generations of buyers.

  • Subcompact SUVs. This type has less room for cargo and fewer seating capacity. It has high ceiling and seating position which are ideal for an all-terrain drive. The all-wheeler drive (AWD) capability allows you to maneuver with all four wheels making it easier to park on cramped spaces. Its size is ideal for couples or small families, although it cannot be used for long-term travel with huge luggage.
  • Small SUVs. If you are looking for more space than the typical family sedan but not so much of the big SUVs, then small SUVs are practical options. It is also fuel efficient although other models consume more fuel.
  • Compact and sporty SUVs. This type offers excellent maneuverability, quieter engine, and sleek finish. It boasts amenities other SUVs do not have like on-board television and convertible seats and roof.
  • Midsized SUVs. Instead of buying minivans that take up a lot of parking space, families opt for midsized SUVs. It has enough seating capacities to accommodate families with four or six members. It has enough space for a cargo room and an option for a third row seating although it may not accommodate adults.
  • Large SUVs. Due to its size and engine demand, large SUVs require lots of power and fuel. This can be brought to rugged terrains or be used to tow smaller cars or minivans.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a crucial factor to consider when buying an SUV. It refers to the amount of fuel a vehicle consumes per kilometer traveled. Fuel consumption depends on the engine type. Small cars with four cylinders are quite efficient but they may not be as powerful as the large SUVs. V8 and V6 engines can travel smoothly on rough terrains but it consume more fuel.

Drive Wheel Capability

Not all SUVs have the all-wheel drive option. Many 4WDs only have the two-wheel drive options. The AWD capability allows you to maneuver the vehicle with all four wheels which is far more useful for bad weather conditions or tricky roads.

Seating and Cargo

Consider how many people usually would occupy the vehicle and decide what type of SUV you should buy. An SUV with spacious cargo room is ideal for regular travelers or for families with kids in tow.

Safety Features

Aside from the driver’s airbag, does it come with side airbags for passengers? Is it equipped with rear backup alert system? Check for other features such as traction control, electronic windows control, and electronic stability control.

Entertainment Features

Most SUVs today are well-equipped with entertainment system including stereo and on-board mini-sized television. Other add-ons include GPS tracking and voice recognition software.

Family SUVs are fast becoming popular in Australia not only because of the reasonable prices but also its overall comfort and space. These bigger cars are designed with families and kids as top priority, keeping their needs for everyday transportation routine and vacations. Know what makes these 7-seater cars the most sought-after vehicles in the Land Down Under today.