December 9, 2016

2017 Tesla Model S 75d Review


Tesla Motors has been mass-producing electric cars since 2012. It was founded in 2003 by a team of Silicon Valley engineers who dreamed of making electric cars that are better than gasoline-powered models. Its car models offer instant torque, zero emissions, and impressive power. The company’s goal is to get the world to switch to sustainable transport. This article will give you a review of Tesla’s latest model, the 2017 Model S 75D.


The Model S 75D will give you a feel of the future. Pair your smartphone once inside, engage the gear lever (steering-column mounted), choose drive or reverse, and then the car comes to life. Most owners will find that this car is the first ever electric-powered model that they have ever driven in their life.

The lack of a drivetrain tunnel or transmission allows for more space inside. It also gives you a different sensation of acceleration, which can be difficult to describe at first, especially if you have been driving engine-powered vehicles ever since. Another interesting thing about this model is its ability to update its own software and keep it up-to-date using WiFi connectivity. You will be surprised with the new features every time there is a new update.

The Model S now has LED adaptive headlamps. The 14 LED three-position dynamic turning lights will improve the model’s overall look and your safety. It boosts the visibility at night, and help you see better on winding roads. Furthermore, the model S now has a medical-grade air filtration system (HEPA) that removes nearly 100 percent of pollution and contaminants (including bacteria and allergens) from the cabin air to protect passengers.

When it comes to handling, this model is respectable. It weighs 2,205kg, but you will not feel the weight that much. It may not be the car that you would want to bring for a mountain run, but it definitely will not disappoint when the need comes. The 19-inch wheels were enough to provide ride comfort. It does not float that much, but it is also not that hard. If you want larger wheels, which you will want to consider to make it more macho, getting the optional air suspension is not a bad idea at all.

Tesla will give you a seven-metre cable to charge your car in your garage. The immediate torque it gives might make you feel a bit sick. This car has an outright acceleration from zero to 100km/h, which the AWD can achieve in just 5.4 seconds. You will be 0.4 seconds slower with an RWD.

Add-ons and upgrades

Add-ons include the auto-pilot feature, which you can get for $3800. This option, however, is simply a software enabler because the hardware has already been installed. The premium upgrades will cost you $4500 that includes allowing the doors to auto-open. Other premium add-ons include the finish and fit refinements, the HEPA air-filtration system, LED fog lights, dynamic three-position LED turning lights, power liftgate, interior accent lighting, and the lighted door handles.


This model is not cheap. The 75D variant will cost you around $136,000 and can go as high as $144,000, plus on roads. Despite the costs, Tesla is still the leading automotive manufacturer when it comes to electric cars.

The company remains committed to making the world transition to sustainable transport, even if traditional car makers are still on top of their game. Besides, you cannot simply ignore the hundreds of years invested by these companies in making and improving traditional vehicles. The good thing about the Model S is the familiar-looking features that you will normally find in traditional cars, like the Mercedez-Benz. These include cruise control, indicator, and other features that Tesla find useful.


Tesla has been offering car buyers the opportunity to use other energy sources to drive a vehicle. Simply being able to jump in a car without needing to turn it on or off is exciting, not to mention the huge screen on the middle that looks futuristic. The main barrier for the 75D and the rest of the Model S (and X) is the price. The company does not seem to be lenient enough to reduce its price, but it only gives you the assurance that everyone will shoulder the same cost. Overall, the 2017 Model S 75D is a promising electric-powered car that aussies looking for alternative energy sources will surely find worth considering.

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