November 15, 2016

2016 Toyota Tarago GLI Review

The 2016 Toyota Tarago GLI is one splendid transporter for families and large groups. Despite being a vast vehicle, it sports sleek and smooth looks which make it stand out. This eight-seater has received mostly positive reviews from its users and it’s easy to see why.

Let’s take a look at what’s great and not-so-great about this vehicle.

Specs and numbers

This massive vehicle can be relied on to move eight people with ease, plus it’s tough and built to last. You can choose between the four-cylinder petrol or the V6 engine but the V6 seems to be preferable. The Tarago is equipped with a 2.4-litre engine with a front wheel drive and automatic transmission. Regarding fuel efficiency, it tends to get a bit thirsty, about 14.3L/ 100 km in the city area.


The interior of the Tarago has several great features and is showing some notable improvements. It highlights a hefty cargo hold which can also be accessed from the back row. With the V6 engine version, additionally, you can free up more space by folding down the rear seats and detaching the cargo hold’s floor. Unlike some models where access to the last row is always an issue, this vehicle offers unbelievably easy entrance and exit to and from the rear seats with the aid of the sliding doors that open wide and can be moved in either direction.

The infotainment system, meanwhile, has its high and low points. There’s a 6.1 inch touch display that’s fitted with Bluetooth and streaming features but the screen is not exactly user-friendly or easy on the eyes. The dashboard and navigation system may be lacking in impressiveness but it’s complete with the standard tech necessary for a well-controlled drive. The six speakers are a plus point and there’s a climate control system which can be accessed as well from the back of the vehicle.

The cabin is able to shield the passengers from most of the external and engine noise. Even though the seats and space have been maximized to accommodate eight, careful though has obviously gone into the design of the seating as it does not lack for anything in comfort. Seats are well-cushioned and a pleasure to sit on and they look attractive enough though not exactly at the forefront of style. The passengers can relax and enjoy the ride in comfort with a modicum of facilities such as handy cup holders, fan controls and first-rate air conditioning which extends all the way to the back thanks to the vents strategically located all around the interior.

Storage is adequate with sizable door pockets and a few storage bins here and there. If you have younger children, this van should be among your top choices as it carries seats with ISOFIX seatbelt system, to keep your little ones comfortably but securely strapped in.

Performance and Handling

If we talk about the performance of the Tarago, it’s safe to say it has some positive points and a few downsides. Steering and handling are quite decent and though you may get off to a slightly rough start, you’ll soon find your journey pleasant. Shifting gears may take more effort than what you’d expect, but the van provides a fluid response in general. From the immense size of this van, driving it may seem like a daunting task. You’ll find however that the weight is thankfully not a concern when you’re steering, plus the van’s power helps you refrain from pushing the engine too much.

Electrically assisted power steering also makes it easy for any driver to keep this van in control. The drivetrain is strong and superb as well while the suspension system performs its job admirably shielding you from all but the worst of rough and bumpy roads.

In the area of safety, the Tarago scored well with a rating of five stars from ANCAP. These safety features include the anti-skid braking system, reversing camera and seven airbags. Two of the airbags are facing the front row, some more are at the side and curtains, plus one more is covering the driver’s knees. All the seatbelts utilize the three-point system for the best protection without sacrificing comfort.


On the whole, the 2016 Toyota Tarago GLI certainly pulled out all the stops when it comes to its space, legroom, headroom and seating capacity. This may not be for you if you’re looking for a speedy ride, but for taking many passengers around town while sitting back in comfort, this remains a go-to vehicle.